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When you sign up to claim your FREE Lesson Series on Jonah (a $39.00 value), you'll get:
PowerPoint Lessons
(PowerPoint Series with Almost 40 Slides)
Sermon Outlines
(All Sermon Outlines Downloadable in Word .doc)
Church Handouts
(All Church Handouts Downloadable in Word .doc)
Discussion Guides
(All Discussion Guides Downloadable in Word .doc)

In Addition To Your Free Lesson Series on Jonah, you'll get FREE Training Tips that help with Your PowerPoint Lessons.

Such as...

How to use shadows
Video that shows you how to edit the Master slide.
The best font sand size to use.
How to keep your slides clean and clear.
How to Print an Outline from the Slides.
...and MORE!

 ministry resources  

ATTENTION: How would you like to tap into a goldmine of ministry resources? Read on to find out how you can get immediate access to a wealth of materials that are continually growing.

This is Not a Misprint.

When you join, you get EVERYTHING listed on this page, plus more. We get calls asking us about hidden fees or if you only get a certain amount. No. It's 100% Access. We are a couple of guys in ministry with over 50 years of combined experience, not a huge youth ministry corporation where owners are impossible to reach.

As mentioned before, we have over 100 lessons inside the members area. And there are more and more being added every month.

Just a few of the lesson series already inside waiting on you are:

You also get additional resources to help your group and congregation grow in their individual walk with the Lord...

plusDaily Bible Readings. There are tons of monthly "Daily Bible Readings" already in the site - with more being added.

plusPersonal Retreats. As a ministry leader, you give and give and give. Don't spend all your "Spiritual Gas" to the point of empty. Grab these and find a quiet place to really dig in and reflect. Strengthen your relationship using these Personal Retreats. Even you have to re-energize. Jesus Himself even found some alone time with the Father.

plusCross Thoughts. Cross Thoughts are some great pithy points with added in-depth thoughts that you can use or modify as you want. You can use them as encouragement in messages, short spots in your bulletin, or just use in random messages for your small group handouts. Very flexible. Very potent. Very usable.

plusIndividual Discussion Guides. These are like the Discussion Guides that come with the PowerPoint Bible Lessons, but they are a la carte. They can be used as Bible Class lessons or Small Group Discussion Guides. They also are versatile and able to be used how you can best grow and strengthen your ministry and relationships.

So how much will all of these resources cost? We really thought about the best way to make it available for you the easiest way possible.

What we decided to do is make it accessible to you in 2 ways. You choose the best way for your particular situation.

If you choose the monthly option, your subscription begins with just $9.95. Each Month On The Same Date the Subscription will Renew. Cancel At Any Time!

If you choose the ONE-TIME LIFETIME ACCESS Option, you obviously pay once and will never be charged again for access.

For BOTH options you will create your Private Username & Password IMMEDIATELY after you checkout.


Our #1 goal is to glorify God by providing tools and resources to help you further your ministry and relationships. PowerPoint Bible Lessons is dedicated to strengthening your sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to help you personally as a pastor. 

Also, when you join PowerPoint Bible Lessons, you not only bless your ministry, you
bless children throughout the world in the name of Jesus.

Mark & Paul




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